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Send Kit Clark Cards in Honor of Loved Ones

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone special? Consider the gift of giving with Kit Clark Senior Services! Donate to Kit Clark's Meals on Wheels program in honor of someone special, and they'll receive a lovely card informing them of the donation in their name.

Kit Clark Senior Services delivers 1,800 meals on a daily basis to homebound seniors throughout Greater Boston. This year, when you donate to the KCSS Nutrition/Meals on Wheels Program, you'll be helping seniors get their daily nutrition, but you'll also help them retain the independence that comes from living in one's own home.

Your donation of

$7 will provide one meal to a homebound senior

$35 will provide one week of meals to a homebound senior

$140 will provide one month of meals to a homebound senior

This gift of sharing not only feeds the stomach, but nourishes the soul. The daily visit from a Meals on Wheels driver brings with it not only a meal, but a friendly word and a smiling face.

To make a donation, and purchase a card to honor someone, click the link below, which will take you to our donation page. Once there, enter the amount you wish to donate (in multiples of $7), your personal information, and include in the Comment box the words "Please send cards to," along with the names and addresses of those you wish to honor. We will then send each of them a lovely holiday card informing them of the generous gift that's been made in their honor!

For more information, call 617-371-3167. We thank you in advance for your kindness, and for helping Kit Clark provide vital meal services to seniors throughout Greater Boston!

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