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Who We Are

Casa Primavera is a unique clubhouse specifically designed for Latino men and women living with mental illness. Casa Primavera provides a safe and supportive environment for many individuals that have had problems both accessing and adapting to the mental health system due to language and cultural barriers. 

In addition to being language-and-culture friendly, Casa Primavera emphasizes helping members learn English and other skills that will help them survive and cope in the wider culture. Through working side by side with members, the staff becomes more aware of each member’s vocational and social abilities and potential. The members begin to discover personal abilities and talents that can lead to greater social effectiveness and more meaningful work.

Work Ordered Day (Self-Help Model)

Casa Primavera uses a model based on self-help and active involvement. All members participate in club management, helping to set policies and run the day-to-day programming, which enhances the member’s sense of ownership in the program.