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Our Boston
Emergency Service Team (BEST)

BEST is a 24-hour emergency services program for people requiring acute psychiatric intervention. Under the direction of the Boston Medical Center, Bay Cove is one of four providers who comprise the BEST service network (along with the Boston Medical Center, Massachusetts General Hospital and North Suffolk Mental Health Association). BEST responds to well over 1,000 “calls” each month from a service area that spreads across metropolitan Boston, Brookline, Chelsea, Winthrop and Revere, and includes seven hospitals, schools, detoxification programs, jails, community health centers and residences for people with mental illness.

Working with family members, human services providers, public safety and emergency personnel and school administrators, BEST responds directly to the site of a crisis situation. The demand for services has steadily increased, as the number of people seeking mental health services has grown. The program goal is to keep people who are experiencing a psychiatric crisis out of the hospital, redirecting their care to community-based programs like addiction services or family support services, where a successful outcome is more likely. Although hospitalization may often be viewed as the "gold standard," it is not necessarily the best treatment option. Bay Cove is a critical partner in the BEST operation, as it provides crucial services including the Mobile Crisis Team and Urgent Care Center and a Community Crisis Stabilization unit (CCS).

Our Community Crisis Stabilization

Our Community Crisis Stabilization Team (CCS) provides people in a psychiatric crisis who do not require hospitalization with a safe and stable place to secure emergency treatment, psychopharmacological assessment, detoxification as needed, and aftercare planning in a brief, 3-5 day stay. Bay Cove’s Information Technology team has developed a state-of-the-art documentation and record-keeping system in concert with the BEST providers and the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership. The system serves as a model for information systems in emergency services programs across Massachusetts

Our CBFS Respite Service

Six dedicated respite beds are available in our CBFS Respite Program (CBFSR). This program is co-located with the Community Crisis Stabilization, and therefore able to provide crisis support for individuals who are affected by co-morbid disorders such as substance abuse disorders and chronic medical conditions. Such additional beds provide our CBFS program with the ability to readily offer respite and crisis supports to people who evidence behavioral, psychiatric, and/or medical acuity. 


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