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 SubA Training Treatment

Substance Abuse Disorders, Treatment and Dual Diagnosis This 3-hour class covers the theory and treatment for adults with substance abuse disorders and methods of treatment, with a special emphasis on Methadone, what it is, and how it works in the treatment of people with opiate addiction. The class also discusses the theory and treatment for adults with the dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

 clin-files.jpgMH Clinical Documentation Training This 4-hour training is a comprehensive overview of treatment plan development in accordance with standards set by Bay Cove Human Services, CARF, Medicaid Rehab Option and the Department of Mental Health licensing regulations, including Performance Based Contracting Standards.
 clin-rehab.jpgDriver’s Education Online Training This training consists of two online driver training modules which take approximately one hour to complete. The first module on Traffic Safety covers topics such as how to spot and avoid accidents before they happen and the importance of wearing seat belts. The second module on Driving a Van covers aspects of how to drive these larger vehicles (including dealing with blind spots, cornering, curbing and distractions). Before signing up, please call (617) 371-3064.
 clin-best.jpgBEST Team This two-hour training describes the work BEST (Boston Emergency Services Team) does, the program’s components and mission, who does evaluations, how risk is assessed and levels of care. The training also covers how to utilize BEST most effectively and whom to contact with questions and/or concerns. (This course is offered by special request only.)

Clinical Assessment, Part 1 (for MH Residential Services) This 3-hour class provides an overview of how to conduct and organize a psychosocial assessment and how to then write various assessments using the knowledge gleaned from the initial assessment. (This course is offered by special request only.)

Clinical Assessment, Part 2 (for MH Residential Services) This 3-hour class is a continuation of the information given in part 1 of this Clinical Assessment class. (This course is offered by special request only.)

 clin-qm.jpgQuality Management and Systems Overview This workshop provides an overview of computer and quality management systems required in the residential services divisions. 
 clin-dppc_hotline.jpgDisabled Person Protection Commission (DPPC) This 1 ½-hour overview of the Disabled Person Protection Commission (DPPC) will cover identifying abuse and neglect as well as what is reportable, the role of mandated reporters, and the role of the State Police Detective Unit in referring criminal cases.
 clin-uspra.jpgUnited States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (USPRA) Training
All 28 modules of these trainings are broadcast from the USPRA headquarters and are delivered in a classroom setting at Bay Cove. Some courses will serve as direct preparation for the Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP) exams. The others are more general in nature but are also useful preparatory courses. Participation is encouraged for all levels of staff.