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Facilitation Workshop This 3-hour workshop will offer strategies and specific skills for Senior Managers to effectively lead meetings. Specific skills will include setting an agenda, time management during meetings, active listening, summarizing, synthesizing ideas, gauging the emotional atmosphere of a meeting and guiding decision-making. Also to be explored are issues involving power dynamics at meetings, including the difference between the role of facilitator and the role of program manager, and how to navigate between the two roles.

 mgt-middle.jpgManaging from the Middle This 3-hour training explores the ways in which Senior Middle Managers can transform an organization – quietly, calmly and with great effectiveness – by incorporating some of the latest theories developed recently in studies conducted at the Harvard Business School. “Managing from the Middle” requires good negotiating skills, ample powers of persuasion and often a bit of courage. The challenge for Middle Managers is learning how to make needed changes while creatively staying within the boundaries of organizational and governmental policies.
 training-dan2.jpgSituational Management This 3-hour workshop focuses on teaching Senior Managers how to supervise employees by matching appropriate management style to the employee’s work style and development level. Senior Managers will learn how the supervisory continuum can be applied, starting with “Directive Behavior” and progressing through “Supportive Behavior” as the people being supervised become more accomplished in the skills and tasks of the job.
 mgt-coach.jpgProfessional Coaching In this 3-hour workshop, Senior Managers will learn the tools and techniques needed to conduct inquiry, analysis, and resolution of problems and barriers that may be keeping their employees from being more effective managers. The goal of the training is to teach senior managers how to coach potentially excellent employees to further the development of their (sometimes weak) interpersonal management skills.
 mgt-primal.jpgPrimal Leadership This 3-hour advanced management training focuses on how emotions are at the heart of effective Senior Management leadership. The course will be based upon theories outlined in Daniel Goleman’s book, Primal Leadership. There will be a review of the role of emotional intelligence in managing staff, and an exploration of the neuroscientific links between organizational success and a manager’s ability to empathize and be self-aware.
 Conflict Training2Conflict Resolution for Senior Managers In this 3-hour workshop, participants will learn the warning signs of conflict and why conflict occurs. They will learn to do personal assessments of their roles as senior managers in conflict resolution, how to prepare for a difficult confrontation, and techniques for reducing and resolving conflict. The workshop will also cover more advanced management skills, such as using techniques for reducing conflict with difficult personality types.