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Orientation & Training: 

All new employees receive a comprehensive orientation during the first three weeks of employment. 

Individual supervision: 

Starting with the first week of employment and every week thereafter, staff engages in an individual, one-hour, face-to-face meeting with their supervisor. The first session consists of a review of the job description, which also includes a detailed listing of all of the trainings the employee is expected to attend for this specific position. At subsequent sessions, the supervisor provides support and guidance while maintaining a focus on achievement of the tasks associated with the position. A special emphasis is placed upon “catching the employee in the act of doing something right and praising him for it.” Our belief is that much more can be achieved through positive reinforcement than with an overly critical focus on staff errors. Staff is encouraged to report on client activities. Issues that are discussed include assessment of risk, mental status and level of addiction, rehab planning and development of IAPs. 

Group Supervision: 

Most employees attend a weekly (or sometimes semi-weekly) staff meeting in which administrative or client related issues are discussed, informal guidance and training is provided, and staff are encouraged to express their issues and concerns for discussion with the group. All of our programs operate with a team model and the opinion of each member of the team, from the peer to the licensed clinician (LPHA), is given equal attention and consideration.

Job Performance: 

Supervisors receive feedback regarding job performance through several mechanisms. At each individual supervision session, staff is asked to report on their successes, difficulties and occasional failures. Supervisors also join staff from time to time while they are engaged in client interactions in order to observe their performance. Finally, clients often provide their own feedback on the employee’s performance, which is always treated with confidence. Any allegations of misconduct are investigated fully.


After one full year of successful employment, candidates can submit a formal application to the HR Department requesting enrollment in Bay Cove’s mentoring program. This application will be reviewed by a Selection Team, and approved candidates will be offered mentors who would be willing to work with the candidate in developing skills and assigning work experience necessary to qualify for promotion to a more responsible role within the organization. This program has been particularly helpful in enabling candidates who are bilingual and bicultural to qualify for licensed nursing or clinician positions.