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Ruby Rogers Center

A social club and support center run
for and by people in mental health recovery

The Ruby Rogers Center is a pioneering program established in 1985 by a group of people led by Judi Chamberlain and Dr. Dan Fisher who were dissatisfied with existing options for psychiatric care and support. Their vision was to create a cooperative center separate from existing mental health services where people could come and offer each other support. The center was also conceived as a base for a variety of advocacy activities.

Later, the center was named after Ruby Rogers, the woman who’s court case against the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health (DMH) established the legal right of “people in recovery” to refuse treatment. The Rogers Decision helped establish the principle of each person’s right to control his or her own psychiatric destiny. Since 1999, administrative and management support for the Ruby Rogers Center has been provided by the Center House Division of Bay Cove Human Services. This support has included administration of the DMH contract that provides the primary financial support for the Ruby Rogers Center, but the Center remains self-governing with its own corporation and board of directors. The Center has only one full-time staff member (its Program Director) and utilizes flexible part-time staffing provided by members of the Center. Services Provided

Accessing Services

The Ruby Rogers Center is a member-run organization. The Center is open to anyone in recovery who could benefit from the Center's services. Members establish their own standards of behavior.

People are encouraged to apply directly to the Program Director, but referrals are also accepted from others outside the Center. The Director at Ruby Rogers and other members consider applications based upon each person’s ability to utilize the Center’s services.  Members are encouraged to maintain other supports (such as therapy or medication) which will enable them to fully participate in the Center.

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