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Requisition Number: 9469
Position Title: Peer Specialist
Division: Mental Health Services
Program Name: Metro Boston DMH Respite
Location: Boston
Hours: Full time 40 hours / week
Schedule: 11 am - 7 pm, Monday through Friday
Date Posted: 12/04/2019
Responsibilities: The Respite Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) provides direct services to adult Department of Mental Health clients who are enrolled in short-term transitional clinical and rehabilitative services, both in a residential setting and in the community. The Peer Specialist works with persons served in a manner that cultivates resiliency and supports their individual paths of recovery. Respite services are strengths-based and person-centered, and are intended to support persons served to maintain, enter or return to a stable living environment. The Peer Specialist has achieved recovery from an often debilitating mental health challenge and can now serve as a mentor to individuals who are in the process of developing resilience. The Peer Specialist additionally educates staff members around recovery principles. This is a non-exempt position. Essential Functions of Position: Provide support and advocacy for issues related to crisis recovery, hospitalizations, housing issues, legal proceedings, employment and community integration, through a working knowledge of programs and agencies providing such services in the Metro Boston area. Able to relate to and identify with a culturally diverse client population who may be experiencing severe persistent mental illness, personality disorders, addictions, poverty, homelessness, complex medical needs, legal issues, immigration status issues, HIV/AIDS, problematic sexual behaviors, and trauma. Connect with persons served to promote recovery principles, and assist persons served in gaining a more recovery-oriented understanding of their mental health condition. Teach recovery principles and offer support to team staff by sharing their personal recovery story and insights related to the Peer Specialist’s own experience of recovery. Provide supportive counseling to persons served concerning individual treatment goals and on-going daily personal and social issues. Organize individual and group activities and outings related to the treatment goals of persons served, utilizing best practices in the field and an understanding of how to work adaptively with individuals living with severe persistent mental illness. Ensure the cleanliness and upkeep of the program, assist in daily meal service and cleanup, make beds, provide fresh linens, and clean any spills or body fluid cleanup situations in accordance with OSHA guidelines. Ensure that safety protocols are followed consistently using a non-judgmental, harm reduction approach, including emergency systems in place, hourly safety checks, room searches as needed, and individual safety plans. Teach and role-model skills in the areas of grooming, hygiene, housekeeping, communication/social skills, and recreational activities. Able to hold medication keys as-needed for program schedule flexibility, and able to administer medications upon request of persons served in accordance with MAP guidelines. Complete required documentation including service notes, intake and discharge paperwork, incident reports, and weekly case management/treatment planning worksheets. Maintain effective working relationships with State Facility Campus Police, DMH, other mental health providers, and local community resources throughout the Metro Boston community. Serves as the program Human Rights Officer and willing to assist and advocate on behalf of persons served reporting complaints or potential human rights abuses, and able to attend monthly meetings of the agency’s human rights committee. Perform all other duties and projects as assigned by supervisor.
Qualifications: Must be either receiving mental health services or received services in the past and have self-knowledge to manage his/her mental health diagnosis through established recovery practices. Willingness to share one’s own recovery story to support clients and inspire hope High school degree or high school equivalency diploma (GED) required; some college preferred. Computer proficient and able to write service notes and formulate treatment plans in person-centered and recovery-oriented language. Internet proficient, able to perform and assist clients with web searches for recovery resources and to access services and agencies that may be relevant to their individual goals. Must be a Certified Peer Specialist or start training to become a Certified Peer Specialist (Mass CCPS or equivalent) within one year of hire Department of Public Health certification in medication administration (MAP) is required within 60 days of hire. Valid Driver’s license and willingness to use personal vehicle or public transportation for client visits throughout the Metro Boston area. Works with integrity and respects the dignity and value of all individuals. Respects diversity and promotes inclusion of all individuals. Ability to identify problems and flexibly initiate solutions to problems with minimal need for supervisory direction. Ability to work with people in crisis in a hopeful and compassionate manner, and model this for others Works in a collaborative, flexible manner with all stakeholder/partners, and other respite staff. Ability to instill hope in the individuals whom she/he/they serve
Driver's License Required? Yes

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